Anger Management Counselling 

Anger is a natural feeling that we all experience. It is an instinctive response when we feel threatened. When we become angry, our bodies adapt to meet the threat. Physically or emotionally, anger can let you know that you are being hurt. Anger can also tell you that your needs are not being met. While many people associate anger with being negative, it is just an emotion like any other: what you do with it is what counts.
With Anger Management Counselling, you can constructively deal with your anger and learn about what causes emotional pain in the first place.
To change can be a challenge, but facing this challenge is important. Together, we will face how anger affects your life and how you can begin to grow beyond it. With each session, you will learn practical and proactive steps to maintaining a healthy mental state.
If you need a safe space to explore difficult feelings regularly, this type of counselling might be a good choice. You may have heard the phrase “strike while the iron is hot”, but with feelings of anger and aggression, it is actually the opposite. If you wait until you are running hot to get help, you likely will not be in a good place to think rationally and fully accept the help.
Please contact me if this type of treatment sounds like something you or someone close to you could be helped by.