Marriage / Couples Counselling For Vancouver

Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Marriage counseling gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way.

No matter the cause, distress in a relationship can create undue stress, tension, sadness, worry, fear and other problems. A bad relationship may lead to physical or psychological problems, such as depression. A bad relationship can also create problems on the job and affect other family members or even friendships.


Here are typical issues that marriage counselling can help you and a spouse or partner cope with:

  • Anger
  • Blended families
  • Changing roles, such as retirement
  • Communication problems
  • Conflicts about child rearing
  • Cultural clashes
  • Divorce
  • Domestic abuse/violence
  • Infidelity
  • Physical or mental conditions
  • Same-sex relationship issues
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Substance abuse
  • Trauma
  • Unemployment
  • Finances

Marriage / Couples Counselling & Therapy in Vancouver, B.C.

Marriage / Couples Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable. Counselling can be used to help with many different mental health conditions.

It can provide a safe and regular space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings. The counsellor is there to support you and respect your views. They won’t usually give advice, but will help you find your own insights into and understanding of your problems

During your Marriage / Couples counselling sessions, you’ll be encouraged to express your feelings and emotions. By discussing your concerns with you, the counsellor can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, as well as identifying ways of finding your own solutions to problems.